What can we help you with?

JustVisas is an Australian Immigration firm dedicated to assist individuals and business with visa strategies while simplifying the entire migration process with personal care, professionalism and ethical conduct.

We can assist you to achieve your migration goals. It is possible that you are eligible for several visa types.
Migration can be very simple and straight forward when you deal with our experts in migration law. With flexible payment plans available and options for skilled, business, family and employer sponsored migration we can help you realise your migration goals today!

What does my consultation cover?

✓ Advice on the visa pathways which are available to you;
✓ An assessment of your likely eligibility for each option;
✓ Benefits and disadvantages of each option as well as possible pitfalls or shortcomings;
✓ An outline of the main stages in the application process;
✓ An indicative processing time and cost for each option;
✓ At the end of the consultation, you will receive a written copy of the advice;
✓ We do not provide document checklists and we do not offer a pre-lodgement document checking service during the initial consultation.

Australia offers different types of visa. This may include, visiting, working, joining a family member or living permanently in Australia. Your professional career status or skills may also be a basis on what visa type will be best for you.
The eligibility of the applicant varies from one visa type to another.
Our office can be assisting with a range of visa applications, including:

✓ Employer Sponsored visas (short and medium terms)
✓ Skilled Professionals – Temporary and Permanent
✓ Partner, Spouse or Fiancé (Relationship Visas)
✓ Family Visas (Parent and Child visas)
✓ Innovation and investment
✓ Working Holiday and Visitor visas
✓ Bridging visa (including travelling and working rights)
✓ Return permanent resident visa
✓ Review of Decision

As part of our services, we can assist you with translation services. All translations are provided via email and can be through the following languages to and from English.

✓ Portuguese
✓ Spanish
✓ Italian
✓ German
✓ French


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